JSR is a large Japanese company operating in the specialty chemical segment. They were established in 1957 and have over 9600 employees and achieved FY 2022 revenue of about 341 billlion yen (about $2.48 Billion USD). They were one of the early investors in 2018 in Cambridge Quantum, one of the predecessor companies of Quantinuum, and were also one of the first early access clients to its IBM Q™ commercial quantum computing system in 2017.

As we have said many times previously, using quantum computing for modelling computational chemistry may be one of the most valuable applications for quantum computing in the future. So it is no surprise that JSR has been one of the earliest companies to explore QC’s use for their business. In this latest announcement, JSR will work with Quantinuum to model complex organic and inorganic semiconductor materials. They will be using Quantinuum’s recently announced InQuanto software to make accurate predictions of the physical properties of various materials, such as optical absorption and conductivity, and help identify new materials which could benefit future semiconductor devices.

For additional information, you can view a press release available on the Quantinuum website here.

July 14, 2022