SEQUR SynQK is a scalable end-to-end platform for exchanging quantum secure digital keys between two parties. A key strength of this technology is its ability to exchange keys for very long distances at high data rates which they say provides advantages over alternate approaches of true QKD or other PQC algorithms, such as the ones being reviewed by NIST. In benchmark tests Quantropi performed with Deutsche Telekom and the Calian Group they demonstrated the ability to deliver at least 5 simultaneous quantum secure key streams over distances ranging from 4,000 to 15,000 KM at speeds ranging from 130 to 190 megabits per second. The company has a strategy of providing products that provide conform to three key principles of Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy – or “TrUE”. Additional information about Quantropi’s release of the SEQUR project is available in a news release posted on the Quantropi website here and a product page for the SEQUR Quantum Entropy Services that can be viewed here.

June 10, 2022