In collaboration between two companies located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australian company Quantum Brilliance is partnering with Uruguay based Quantum South to develop and market solutions for solving complex shipping logistics problems. A key problem for these companies is figuring out the best way of loading freight into one or many vehicles in order to maximize either weight distribution, delivery times, or profit. This can be a very complex problem and was, in fact, one of the challenges announced by Airbus in their Quantum Computing Challenge contest announced at Q2B in 2018. Quantum South was one of the finalists for this problem in that contest. Initial work will be performed on an emulator for the Quantum Brilliance architecture. As we reported in March 2021, Quantum Brilliance is installing an initial two qubit device at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth, Australia for use as a field test to test out device integration with a classical supercomputer in a hybrid classical/quantum environment. The expectation is that as the software is developed and as the hardware is scaled up, the companies will be able to achieve a solution that outperforms a comparable classical computing device in terms of size, weight, and power (SWaP). The Quantum Brilliance technology uses a Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) diamond approach which does not require any special cooling or complex lasers and can be made quite small. This opens up a future possibility of creating quantum computers can be installed on-premise by an end user. For more on this announcement, you can view the news release available on the Quantum South website here.

April 19. 2021