An international collaboration between VINCI Energies, QuantumBasel, and D-Wave has achieved a breakthrough in sustainable building design using quantum computing. Spearheaded by VINCI Energies | DIANE, uptownBasel | QuantumBasel, and D-Wave, the project focused on optimizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for complex buildings. In the first phase, the team successfully translated the HVAC network generation problem into a constrained quadratic model (CQM), poised for efficient resolution by D-Wave’s quantum-classical hybrid solvers. This marked a significant departure from conventional methods towards a more innovative quantum-classical hybrid approach. The implementation phase saw the CQM translated into Python code and processed by D-Wave’s hybrid solvers. Results showcased superior HVAC network designs, surpassing traditional data-driven methods. Notably, these designs offered quicker solutions with reduced duct lengths and construction elements, validated by VINCI Energies’ experts. Moving forward, the project aims to translate technical improvements into tangible business impact, promising reduced computation time and less manual engineering effort. A press release with additional information about this project has been posted on D-Wave’s website here.

December 22, 2023