Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) is one of the few quantum focused companies that is already publicly held. However, they are traded on the Over the Counter (OTC) market which focusses on small stocks, sometimes called microcap stocks. They have now submitted an application to trade their shares on the NASDAQ exchange joining many large technology leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Intel, Facebook and many others. Listing on NASDAQ may provide investors with greater visibility of the company and increased confidence. (See here for a comparison of NASDAQ versus OTC).

Quantum Computing Inc. became a public company in an unusual way. In 2018, the QCI management team purchased shares of a bankrupt company called Innovative Beverage Group which already had publicly traded shares. They changed the name of the company to Quantum Computing Inc. and moved the company’s legal domicile to the state of Delaware. For more details on this transaction we refer you to the History section of QCI’s latest 10-Q filing dated November 13, 2020.

So although most people would consider QCI a startup, it is unlike all the other quantum startups which are all still privately held. So for any normal investor who isn’t a VC and is interested in making an investment in a pure play quantum company, QCI is currently the only game in town.

You can read QCI’s news release announcement that they have submitted an application for a NASDAQ listing on their website here.

January 4, 2021