D-Wave Quantum Inc. has introduced a new six-module online course titled “Foundations for Quantum Programming,” aimed at addressing the growing demand for skilled quantum programmers. This self-paced course focuses on enhancing learners’ mathematics and Python skills, laying a robust foundation for quantum computing programming. The course includes video presentations, quizzes, and hands-on programming activities, requiring approximately 10 hours to complete. Upon finishing the course, learners will have acquired crucial skills such as problem objective identification, mathematical expression representation, and basic Python programming for quantum programming. The list price for the course is $350 per seat.

The launch of this course follows the success and feedback from over 500 students who completed D-Wave’s “Quantum Programming Core” course. Additionally, D-Wave offers an array of free resources and encourages learners to sign up for a Leap™ quantum cloud service account to practice developing and running quantum applications. For further details or enrollment, visit the company’s course catalog here. For additional information, you can access a press release provided by D-Wave here.

February 27, 2024