Quantum Xchange is one of the leaders in provide quantum safe networks in the U.S. using a combination of PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography), QKD (Quantum Key Distribution), and QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generators) technologies. Quantum Xchange with technology partners like ID Quantique and Toshiba and cybersecurity vendors like Thales and Fortinet to make QKD commercially viable and extend quantum safe key exchange readily available.

The lead investor for the Series A round was the Venture Access Group, an investment management firm of high net worth individuals. Quantum Xchange had previously received a seed round led by New Technology Ventures and with this new round the company’s valuation now stands at about $59 million. The company has also appointed new management with Eddy Zervigon as CEO, Holly Neiweem as CFO, Shahryar Shaghaghi as CTO and Phio TX Inventor Gene Savchuk as Chief Product Evangelist and Strategic Advisor.

For more on Quantum Xchange new investment and management, you can view a press release with more details located here.

January 7, 2021