We first reported on Quantum Xchange’ flagship Phio TX product in October 2019 when they introduced the concept of providing extra security for encryption keys with a separate out-of-band symmetric key distribution system that is separate from the main data channel. This system can be compatible with other encryption technologies including physics-based QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) and software-based PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography). Previously, the company was solely offering QKD solutions, but felt it was worthwhile offering solutions that could go beyond the limitations of QKD. They expanded the Phio TX family last year with a cloud version called Phio TX-C and now have expanded it again with the Phio TX-D. The Phio TX-D is a smaller, lower cost option specially meant for use by small and medium branch office locations and remote users. These units are meant to be tied into a Phio TX or Phio TX-D network to ensure resiliency, redundancy, quantum entropy and perform key routing calculations.

Example of a Phio TX-D Implementation, Credit: Quantum Xchange

The company is already partnering with Safenet (Thales) and Fortinet to integrate the technology into their solutions and additional partners are expected to be announced in the future. For more about the Phio TX-D announcement and the Phio TX technology, you can download the Phio TX-D press release here, the data sheet for the Phio TX-D here, and a white paper describing the Phio technology in more detail here.

April 6, 2021