QuantWare is collaborating with another subsystem supplier. In May, we reported on a partnership between QuantWare and QuantrolOx to provide machine learning based qubit control software for QuantWare’s superconducting processor chips. This time they are partnership with QphoX to provide ways of networking multiple quantum processors together into a mini quantum internet. This approach is gaining popularity because Rigetti is already doing this with their 80 qubit Aspen-M processor and plans to expand upon this with their future 336 qubits machine. Also, IBM announced plans to do this in the future in their latest roadmap release. The key component that QphoX will be contributing to this effort is their Quantum Modem™, a quantum transducer that will couple microwave and optical photons through a mechanical intermediary resonator. Additional information about this collaboration can be seen in a news release available on the QuantWare website here.

June 2, 2022