We described the 256 qubit quantum simulator based upon neutral atom technology that was developed at the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms in an article last July. It is important to realize that a quantum simulator is not the same as a fully programmable quantum computer. A quantum simulator can still be very useful for certain specialized applications but would not be able to support the wide variety of different quantum applications that a fully programmable gate-based computer can. QuEra will be commercializing this technology and will make it publicly available soon. A roadmap posted on QuEra’s website shows that besides this 256 qubit simulator they will also be introducing a 64 qubit fully programmable computer soon and will have a 1024 qubit programmable computer in 2024. Additional technical details about the 256 qubit simulator can be found in a paper published last July on the Nature magazine website that you can find here.

The funding came from Rakuten, Day One Ventures, Frontiers Capital and leading tech investors Serguei Beloussov, and Paul Maritz among others. It supplements $11 million in revenue the company has already generated through government grants and non-recurring revenue.

For more about QuEra, their introduction of the 256 qubit simulator and their funding, you can read a news released available on their web site that you can find here as well as our previous article about their neutral atom technology that you can see here.

November 18, 2021