The funding was led by Airbus Ventures with additional participation from Quantonation, SandboxAQ, NY Ventures, Impact Science Ventures, and Motus Ventures. Qunnect, based in Brooklyn, New York, provides several different components for use in the quantum internet. In September of last year, they were the first company to sell a Quantum Memory which is a key device needed for extending the distance of a quantum communications link. The products they are now offering or have in development include:

  • Qu-Source – A device that generates entangled photons
  • Qu-Memory – A quantum memory device capable of storing arbitrary qubits with high fidelity and coherence time.
  • Qu-Swap – A compatible Bell state measuring module
  • Qu-APC – An automated polarization compensating device
  • Qu-SYNC – A device that provides precise synchronization between the electronics at each fiber hub
  • Qu-Lock – An atomic reference module design for stabilizing telecom wavelengths

A key feature of these products is that they do not require cryogenic cooling or extreme vacuums for operation making them easier to install in a standard telecom office environment. The new funds will be used to further product development, build up manufacturing capability, and launch a multi-node R&D quantum network testbed using existing fiber optic cable in New York City area.

More information about this new funding can be found in a press release issued by Qunnect here and a second press release issued by SandboxAQ, one of the new investors, here.

October 6, 2022