Quobly, a French quantum hardware startup developing silicon spin qubit-based quantum computing, has announced a significant partnership with Montreal-based Nanoacademic Technologies, renowned for its digital simulation and modeling tools for quantum technologies. This collaboration aims to enhance Quobly’s research and development efforts surrounding silicon spin qubits by leveraging Nanoacademic Technologies’ QTCAD® software platform, the world’s first commercial finite-element modeling software for spin qubits in semiconductors. The integration of QTCAD® is expected to accelerate the journey towards realizing a scalable silicon-based quantum processor by providing advanced simulation capabilities. Quobly’s CEO & co-founder, Maud Vinet, expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to drive the development of their silicon-based quantum computer to new heights. Nanoacademic Technologies’ CEO, Dr. Hong Guo, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in advancing quantum hardware design and manufacturing startups, highlighting Quobly’s ambitious goals and the alignment with their mission. For additional information, you can access a press release that can be accessed here.

March 27, 2024