Rigetti, a frontrunner in full-stack quantum computing, is advancing quantum-enhanced machine learning in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, a global financial intelligence and analytics leader. With a steadfast focus on achieving narrow quantum advantage, Rigetti aims to solve practical problems more efficiently than classical alternatives. The collaboration, initiated in April 2023, showcased promising results in recession forecasting using a hybrid approach of classical signature kernels and quantum-enhanced data transformations.

The partnership extends into 2024, where Rigetti plans to leverage higher-dimensional datasets across diverse macroeconomic areas, employing its 84-qubit Ankaa™ system with enhanced error mitigation techniques. Moody’s Analytics acknowledges the strategic investment in quantum computing to gain an edge over classical solutions. Sergio Gago, MD of AI and Quantum Computing at Moody’s Analytics, emphasizes the synergy between Moody’s expertise and Rigetti’s quantum capabilities.

Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Rigetti CEO, highlights the importance of collaboration with industry experts to refine quantum computing systems for real-world applications. Marco Paini, VP of Finance Solutions at Rigetti, underscores the transformative impact of quantum computing on the financial sector and the value derived from collaboration with Moody’s quantum experts.

For those seeking additional details, the original press release from Rigetti and Moody’s Analytics can be accessed here.

January 4, 2024