In a project funded by the UK government’s Quantum Technologies Challenge led by UK Research & Innovation, Rigetti has launched its a 32-qubit Aspen-series system and has made it accessible to Rigetti’s UK partners over the cloud through the Rigetti QCS™ cloud platform. This project was first announced in September 2020 with £10M ($13.35M USD) in funding and includes Rigetti’s UK partners Oxford Instruments, University of Edinburgh, Phasecraft, and Standard Chartered Bank. The partners will be using the machine to further their research into quantum algorithms and applications in areas including machine learning, materials simulation, and finance. Rigetti also announced they and their partners have received two different Innovate UK awards as part of the ISCF Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge. The first is a project with Riverlane to research syndrome extraction for use in error correction algorithms. The second is with Phasecraft and BT to research algorithms for solving optimization and constraint satisfaction problems. Rigetti’s press release announcing the launch of their UK quantum processor is available here.

June 21, 2022