SandboxAQ, a leader in quantum solutions, has joined forces with Carahsoft Technology Corp., a trusted government solutions provider, to extend the distribution of its cutting-edge cybersecurity and AI-enabled quantum solutions within the Public Sector. Under the partnership, Carahsoft will deliver SandboxAQ’s Security Suite, a modern cryptography management platform, alongside other AI and quantum technology solutions, leveraging its extensive network of resellers, integrators, and consultants. This collaboration, expanding on prior successes with entities like the U.S. Air Force and the Defense Information Systems Agency, responds to the escalating cyber threats and the urgent need for post-quantum cryptography solutions.

The initial focus on cybersecurity stems from the anticipated threat posed by fault-tolerant quantum computers to current encryption protocols. SandboxAQ and Carahsoft will not only address this challenge but also provide Simulation & Optimization solutions for advanced material discovery and quantum sensing solutions applicable in various domains. The partnership aims to support federal, state, and local agencies in implementing post-quantum cryptography and safeguarding sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and national interests.

To further enhance awareness and adoption, Carahsoft and SandboxAQ will co-market their solutions through webinars, white papers, events, and government training courses on AI, quantum, and SandboxAQ’s offerings. Carahsoft President Craig Abod expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the potential impact of SandboxAQ’s quantum solutions across government, intelligence, law enforcement, defense, and health-related agencies.

More details can be found on a blog posted on the SandboxAQ website here.

January 4, 2024