The team at SandboxAQ was originally formed as an independent research group within Alphabet Inc. (parent company of Google). They have been focusing on developing solutions in both the AI and Quantum domains in such areas as cybersecurity, machine learning, and other advanced areas with a 55 person team that has expertise in such diverse areas as physics, chemistry, AI, neuroscience, cryptography, mathematics and other disciplines. One of their first product will include a Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) cybersecurity modules that will help enterprises migrate to higher levels of security. The company intends on serving such markets as government, life science & healthcare, financial services, cybersecurity, material science & manufacturing, and global navigation. The company has already been working with major enterprises including  Vodafone Business, Softbank Mobile, Mt. Sinai Health System, and other leading Global 1000 companies including Wix. As part of the spinoff the company has closed a sizable nine figure oversubscribed funding round from leading investors including T. Rowe Price, Eric Schmidt, Breyer Capital, Guggenheim Partners and Thomas Tull. The company’s chairman is Eric Schmidt, former Chairman and CEO of Alphabet, and its CEO is Jack Hidary who had led the group at Alphabet. They have also attracted a sizable advisory board of prominent individuals with expertise in computing, finance, national security and other areas. More information about the launch of SandboxAQ can be seen in the press release announcing the company’s formation and its new website at SandboxAQ.

March 22, 2022