SandboxAQ successfully deployed its AQtive Guard cryptography management platform with SoftBank Corp.‘s Advanced Research Group. The platform helped identify cryptographic vulnerabilities in a local government network, uncovering issues such as non-recommended encryption methods and vulnerable certificates. SoftBank resolved these issues using AQtive Guard’s unified platform to gain a comprehensive view of network security. AQtive Guard’s features, including single sign-on integration and audit logging, support SoftBank’s compliance with U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiatives on post-quantum cryptography. This helps prepare for potential quantum computer-based cyber attacks. SoftBank and SandboxAQ have a history of successful collaborations on next-generation cryptosystems and hybrid-mode quantum-safe technology. These projects showcase the potential of combining quantum and AI technologies to address complex cybersecurity challenges. Additional details can be seen in a press release located here.

April 11, 2024