The funds are being provided to Stony Brook University by the Long Island Investment Fund of the state of New York. This will amount to about 50% of the funds needed to create a  Long Island Quantum Internet Test Bed. Stony Brook University is collaborating with Brookhaven National Laboratory to create a network of five nodes that are physically connected using commercially available optical fiber.  This test bed will be among several other quantum test beds being created around the world including ones in New York City, Illinois, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Quebec, London, the Netherlands, and others. Right now, these networks are limited to a local area because quantum repeaters do not exist yet for extending the network to larger distances. But eventually, as quantum repeater technology becomes available, the goal will be to tie many of these networks together to create a national or global quantum internet that will be able to transmit entangled photons over long distances. Additional information about this grant to Stony Brook University can be found in a news article posted on their website here.

December 4, 2022