Strangeworks has announced three initiatives with the goals of helping to develop a global quantum workforce, humanize access to quantum computing and streamline existing quantum production workflows. Together these initiatives work to accelerate the development and utilization of quantum technology by encouraging members of the community to work together, share knowledge and make progress. Strangeworks has felt that in the past quantum technology has been presented as a very complex technology that is only available to a select few and with this effort they are working to democratize quantum so that more people can get involved with it.

The first initiative is Strangeworks QS (Quantum Syndicate). This is a group of quantum hardware and software vendors as well as service suppliers who Strangeworks will work with to provide the two services listed below. The initial members of this syndicate include 1Qbit, Algorithmiq, Amazon Braket, Atom Computing, Bleximo, Blueqat, D-Wave, Entropica Labs, Hitachi, Honeywell, Horizon Quantum Computing, IBM, IonQ, Microsoft, PlanQK, Qureca, Rigetti, Riverlane, Stack Overflow, Unitary Fund, and Xanadu with others expected as time goes on.

The second is a software development and simulation platform called Strangeworks QC. This will be a free, vendor neutral site where users can access libraries of code, frameworks, and languages, including the following: Amazon Braket SDK, Blueqat, Google Cirq, D-Wave Ocean, Rigetti Forest, Jupyter Notebooks, Microsoft QDK (Q#), MyQLM, OpenQASM, ProjectQ, Python, Qiskit, Xanadu PennyLane, and Xanadu Strawberry Fields. This platform will allow users to view educational material, develop code, share libraries, mix and match the various platforms, and perform simulations. It can allow multiple members of a team to collaborate on a piece of software. This capability is available now at and is intended to be available to anyone, including potential competitors to Strangeworks. The goal of this initiative is to demystify quantum computing for end users and help foster the development of a quantum computing workforce.

The last initiative being announce is called Strangeworks EQ (Enterprise Quantum). This will be a paid service for government, universities and enterprise clients. This initiative will provide job management, credit and cost management, security protection, support, and other services as they run jobs on one of the quantum computing hardware platforms. Strangeworks is providing customers with a few different choices of how they can utilize this service because it is being offered in either managed cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise hardware configurations.

For more on this announcement, you can view Strangeworks full press release here. You can also visits the and websites to see more details about these offerings.

February 16, 2021