Five Qubit Processor Prototype. Credit: Chen Chi-tung, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has announced its objective to domestically manufacture a quantum computer by 2027, marking a pivotal advancement in computational power, according to NSTC’s Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development Head, Luo Meng-fan. Collaborating with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Academia Sinica, the NSTC is implementing a five-year, NT$8 billion (US$258.86 million) quantum technology initiative initiated in 2022.

Highlighting the potential of quantum computing, Luo referenced a Google study revealing remarkable speed in completing a random circuit sampling task on its Sycamore processor with 70 quantum bits (qubits), showcasing superior computational efficiency compared to classical supercomputers. Acknowledging security concerns regarding the eventual ability of quantum computers to breach digital code protections, Luo emphasized the importance of countermeasures like quantum cryptography.

While recognizing the current challenges, including high error rates, Luo projected that six more years of research and development are essential for quantum computing to reach maturity and make a global impact. Emphasizing the strategic significance for Taiwan to pioneer quantum technologies, NSTC’s collaboration with academia and industry aims to streamline the quantum computer component supply chain. Additionally, Taiwan is engaging with Finnish quantum computing hardware company IQM for potential testing platforms and leveraging quantum cloud computation services from global players like IBM and Amazon. For further details, you can read an article posted in the Taipei Times which can be accessed here.

January 10, 2024