Have you ever watched those Sunday morning political talk shows on TV that show analysts debating about the latest happenings in Washington and thought we need something like this for quantum? Well, now you have one! The Analyst Roundtable has been launched with participants Shahin Khan, David Shaw, James Sanders, André M. König, and Doug Finke to discuss the latest news from the quantum world and provide insights and what might happen next. In addition, the analysts will track their previous predictions for the quantum tech space and provide updates on their status. This group of five first got together for a panel session at the Q2B 2021 conference in December and felt it was so worthwhile that they decided to do this on a regular basis and put it on video. The first Season 1, Episode 1 has just been posted online at The Analyst Roundtable. Subsequent episodes will take place on a regular basis so keep a watch out so you can catch Episode 2 and all the follow-on episodes. Just like those Sunday morning political shows, the analysts will often agree but never without a vigorous debate that will make you think hard about how the industry might develop.

January 31, 2022