Toshiba has developed a photonic integrated circuit solution that shrinks the core QKD functionality into three chips. Although these chips are still prototypes, they are built with standard semiconductor manufacturing process which could pave the way for future high volume production at competitive costs. The three chips are separated into the QTx transmitter chip, QRx receiver chip, and the QRNG quantum random number generator chip. They are capable of exchanging a thousand symmetric QKD codes per second over a 10 km fiber optic link. For more details about these chips, you can read a press release provided by Toshiba and available on their web site here and a technical paper published in Nature Photonics that can be viewed here.

Prototype optical integrated circuit and chip-based quantum cryptography communication system. (Top row, from left: quantum transmitter chip, quantum receiver chip, quantum random number generator chip. Bottom row: Chip-based quantum cryptography communication system) (Graphic: Business Wire)

October 24, 2021