The first quantum network is being set up by Numana, a non-profit organization located in Quebec, Canada with a mission to be a catalyst for technological ecosystems, and Bell Canada. With a budget of $3.75 million CAD ($2.89M USD) it will be launched initially in Sherbrooke in early fall 2022 with subsequent extensions planned for Montreal and Quebec City. Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation will contribute $2.5 million CAD to help fund this project. Additional information about this project is available in a press release issued by Numana and located here. In addition, commercial company ID Quantique will also be participating in the project and has issued their own press release here.

The second quantum network testbed will be established in The Netherlands by QuTechEurofiber and Juniper Networks. This network will connect several datacenter locations in The Netherlands. It will test out the integration of a quantum networking concept called MDI-QKD (Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution) with a commercial optical fiber network from Eurofiber along with routing, switching and security solutions from Juniper Networks. This program will test out the key technologies that will eventually be used in a  National Quantum Network that will be developed and deployed for the next generation of digital infrastructure in the Netherlands. This project is co-funded by TKI (Topconsortium voor Kennis en Innovatie) High Tech Systems and Materials. A press release announcing this project has been posted on the QuTech website here.

July 9, 2022