The Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate has provided a total of 23 Phase II Small-Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards to 15 companies in the areas of Quantum Timing, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications. The awards were announced at a Virtual Quantum Collider 2.0 event held December 1-2, 2020.

The awarded companies include:

  • Quantum Timing: (2) AOSense, Inc. (CA), (2) Stable Laser Systems (CO), and Vescent Photonics LLC (CO).
  • Quantum Sensing: AOSense, Inc. (CA), Digital Optic Technologies, Inc. (IL), Freedom Photonics LLC (CA), Nexus Photonics LLC (CA), Physical Sciences (MA), Inc., and Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc. (IL).
  • Quantum Computing: (2) AdvR, Inc. (MT), Azimuth Corporation (OH), Freedom Photonics LLC (CA), QuEra Computing, Inc. (MA), and SeeQC, Inc. (NY).
  • Quantum Communications: AdvR, Inc. (MT), AOSense, Inc. (CA), Physical Sciences, Inc. (CA), Qubitekk, Inc. (CA), Qunnect LLC (NY), and Rigetti & Co., Inc. (CA).

The Innovare Advancement Center has issued a news release with additional details about the awards and the Virtual Quantum Collider 2.0 event here.

December 18, 2020