The interaction of nuclear matter at the atomic and subatomic level can be very complex and difficult to model using classical computers. To help further understanding of what happens with nuclear matter at these levels, particularly under unique conditions like the Big Bang, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting proposals to research to use Quantum Information Science (QIS) to help scientists better understand these interactions. They have budgeted up to $10 Million for a three year period for support various projects to perform research in this area. The potential scope of the program is quite broad and includes funding to advance QIS capabilities to enable improved collaboration between the QIS and the Nuclear Physics (NP) communities, broad theory projects to develop new methods and algorithms to better understand nuclear phenomena, research to understand how quantum sensors can be applied for nuclear physics applications, workforce development, and ramping up engagement through workshops, conferences, and principal investigator meetings. Funding is potentially available to  all accredited U.S. colleges and universities, national laboratories, nonprofits, and private sector companies. The deadline for proposal submissions is May 21, 2021. Additional details are available in a Funding Opportunity Announcement on the DOE’s Office of Science and Technical Information here.

May 7, 2021