Zurich Instruments Webinar

Eight quantum projects have been funded by a combination of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) providing £2 million and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) providing C$4.4 million over a three year period. This follows a 2017 agreement between the two countries to share quantum expertise through collaborations and is the first arrangement of this type that has two different governments funding joint projects.

The structure of the projects is also a little unusual in that it teams a Canadian academic lead with a UK business lead.  The eight projects include the following:

  • Diamond NV Sensors for Quantum-Limited Magnetic Field Measurements
  • Scanning Probe Fabrication and Readout of Atomically Precise Silicon Quantum Technologies
  • Reference-Frame Independent Quantum Communication for Satellite-Based Networks (ReFQ)
  • Making noisy quantum processors practical: from theory to applications
  • Development of Highly Efficient, Portable, and Fiber-Integrated Photonic Platforms Based on Micro-Resonator
  • Connectorizing Integrated Quantum Photonics Devices
  • Building a standardised quantum-safe networking architecture
  • Advanced Manufacturing Toolkit for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Computing

For more details on these projects, you can view the press release issued by the UK and Canadian governments here and a full listing of the projects and all the participants here. The University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing also issued a news release describing the three projects they are involved in and you can find it here.

November 9, 2020