Once again, the Unitary Fund has surveyed a wide variety of users to help the industry gain a better understanding of the who the users are, what tools and software they are using, and the strengths and needs of the ecosystem. The survey covers areas including user demographics, programming languages used, experience level, cloud services used, OSS (Open Source Software) development and research, community and resources, diversity and inclusion, and other things. The survey received 798 responses from a broad audience ranging from business leader to hobbyist, people from 56 countries, who worked at academic institutions, enterprises, startups, government labs, and other places. There is a lot of data useful for those who want to understand more about the current user base in quantum. A full report showing the results of the 2023 Quantum Open Source Survey (QOSS) is available here and a blog posting that summarizes some of the key findings can be found here.

December 5, 2023