EeroQ, a quantum hardware startup developing a processor chip based upon an electrons on superfluid helium approach, has announced the appointment of Professor Steve Lyon as Chief Technology Office. Professor Lyon is a professor at Princeton University and runs the Lyon Lab where they have studied semiconductor and quantum devices, nanostructures, and physics for many years. EeroQ also planning to establish a new engineering facility in the Chicago area. Dr. David Rees, VP of Engineering, will be moving there from Japan along with Nick Farina, CEO. This facility will be where EeroQ’s activities in fabrication, measurement, and testing of the chips will be performed. Professor Lyon will also continue to retain his position at Princeton and travel to EeroQ’s Chicago facility often. Additional information about Professor Lyon’s appointment as CTO can be found in a news release available here.

D-Wave has announced that Michele Macready has joined as Senior Vice President of Software, Cloud, and Professional Services. Mark Snedeker has joined as Vice President of Professional Services. Jennifer Houston has been promoted to be the Chief Marketing Officer. And Mark W. Johnson, Ph.D, has been promoted to Vice President, Quantum Technologies and Systems Products. Additional details and backgrounds of these individuals are available in a news release on the D-Wave website here.

PolariQB has announced that Dr. Ian Reynolds, a world renowned expert in pharmacology, has been added as an advisor to the company. Dr. Reynolds is a seasoned pharmaceutical executive with experience at Rewind Therapeutics, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Knopp Biosciences, Merck and other places. He will advise PolarisQB on the development and use of their Tachyontm  quantum drug discovery platform which will enable the identification of the right drug molecule from a library of billions of molecules in a fraction of the time that it would take for a classical computer. You can view a news announcement from PolarisQB about their association with Dr. Reynolds here.

May 25, 2021