ColdQuanta has named Chris Wood as VP Photonics Technologies; Alex Olivas as VP Software Engineering & Operations, Kathy Crawford as Chief People Officer and Prateek Lal as General Counsel. Previously, Chris Wood has held various executive roles at Insight Lidar, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories (KLM) Inc., and Precision Photonics. Alex Olivas was previously with the University of Maryland College Park. Kathy Crawford previously was the Chief People Officer at LightDeck Diagnostics and also has prior experience at LivaNova, Arca Biopharma and Thermo Fisher Scientific. And Prateek Lal was previously Deputy General Cousel at Momentus and before that Senior Legal Counsel at Luminar Technologies. He was instrumental in the closing of SPAC deals for both of those companies. You can access ColdQuanta’s news releases about these appointments here and here.

Rigetti Computing has added Greg Peters as Chief Revenue Officer. Peters previously held executive roles at Keysight Technologies, Agilent Technologies, and Hewlett-Packard. You can view Rigetti’s news release with the announcement here.

Multiverse Computing has appointed Mehdi Bozzo-Rey as Chief Revenue Officer. Bozzo-Rey most recently was with the Quantum Algorithms Institute and has also held positions at Cambridge Quantum and IBM. You can view Multiverse’ announcement about this appointment here.

And IonQ has hired Laurie Babinski as General Counsel, and Anant Sanchetee as Senior Director of Marketing. Babinski was previously Deputy General Counsel at Credit Karma and Sanchetee was Head of Brand and Product Marketing for Meta AI. IonQ’s press release with this announcement is available here.

April 3, 2022