Tony Uttley, formerly the President and Chief Operating Officer of Quantinuum, announced that he has stepped away from the company. Mr. Uttley had helped start up the quantum effort and Honeywell Quantum Solutions and transition to the President and Chief Operating Office role in 2021 when that former Honeywell division merged with Cambridge Quantum Computing to form Quantinuum. Before getting in involved with Honeywell’s quantum activities in 2016, he spent several years in executive roles at Honeywell Corporation and prior to that had experience at the Boston Consulting Group and NASA.

IonQ has announced that Margaret Arakawa has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer and Kurt Kennett has joined at Vice-President of Software. Ms. Arakawa will be responsible for driving all aspects of marketing including customer engagement, demand generation, events, product marketing, PR and analyst relations. She had work in senior positions at Microsoft Corporation for over 20 years and more recently been the Chief of Marketing at cloud services provider Fastly and before that sales execution platform company Outreach. Mr. Kennett will lead the development of software across all elements of IonQ’s software stack. He has over 25 years of software development experience. Most recently he was responsible for the team that developed the software for Microsoft’s Surface products and has earlier experience at companies including Oculus VR, Nintendo, GE Industrial Systems, Nortel, Electronic Arts, and others. IonQ has issued a press release announcing these two new additions to their executive team and it is available here.

Quantum Brilliance has named Andrew Dunn as the Country Manager for the United Kingdom. He will be responsible for establishing and leading a new office in the UK and developing key relationships for corporate and public-sector development and business development opportunities. Dr. Dunn was previously the Strategic Business Development Director at Arm Holdings where he helped drive revenue for the company. Before that he spent time as an equity and technology analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada, Oriel Securities, The Royal Society, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. A press release from Quantum Brilliance announcing his appointment can be seen here.

November 18, 2023