The World Economic Forum’s Quantum Computing Governance project seeks to encourage the development of responsible quantum computing. Although quantum technology is still very new and in early development, they believe that this early stage is the best time to discuss the ethical, legal and societal impacts of quantum computing. This report lays out the first set of principles for responsible design and adoption of quantum computing technologies in order to incentivize the development of the technology while minimizing the possible risks.

They have organized their proposed principles according to seven Core Values (inner ring) and nine Themes (outer ring) as shown in the diagram below.

Quantum Governance Core Values and Themes. Credit: World Economic Forum

For each theme, document describes the Goals, Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Actions that can be associated with that theme. You can download the full report from a page on the World Economic Forum’s website which you can find here.

January 22, 2022