Xanadu has announced it will use Global Foundries’ GF Fotonix™ advanced 300mm silicon photonic for volume manufacturing of its next generation photonic processor that will include error correction and fault tolerance. The GF Fotonix™ process combines both photonics features and 300GHz-class RF-CMOS on a silicon wafer. Xanadu is currently undertaking the design of this chip with a goal of having a Global Foundries manufactured chip ready by the end of 2023. Xanadu will be the third quantum company that has announced Global Foundries as a manufacturing partner. The other two are PsiQuantum and Equal1. But at the same time, Global Foundries will be the third manufacturing partner that Xanadu has announced within the past year. In August of last year, they announced they will be working with Imec in Belgium and in December they announced they will be working with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Xanadu has not disclosed how this all fits together. But one possibility is that they may be using all three foundries to fabricate different portions of the system. It is easy to believe that photon generators, waveguides, and photon detectors may all require much different fabrication technologies. Or possibly, they may need a different technology for the next generation of their processor in order to implement error correction. Additional information can be found in a press release released by Xanadu which can be found here.

March 7, 2022