We had reported yesterday about Xanadu’s 216 squeezed-state qubit photonic processor and mentioned that it would be integrated with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Braket service soon. Well, in this case soon meant one day. The processor is now available weekdays from 15:00 to 17:00 UTC (11 AM to 1 PM EDT). As it is a different type of quantum processor based upon Qumodes, it will need to be programmed by Xanadu’s own Strawberry Fields software. As mentioned in the previous article, this device has demonstrated quantum supremacy using a Gaussian Boson Sampling (GBS) demonstration and it does represent the first publicly available machine that has achieved this. AWS has published a blog that describes the machine with a nice summary of the GBS experiment along with a short tutorial on how to program it. You can find the blog posted on the AWS website here.

Diagram Showing the Architecture of the Xanadu Borealis Photonic Quantum Processor

Classiq has also announced that it has integrated support for AWS Braket in its Quantum Algorithm Design Platform. Braket is one of several backends that Classiq supports as shown in the diagram below.

Diagram Shown How Classiq Integrates with Braket. Credit: Classiq

The integration allows the Classiq platform to be used with any of the gate-based processors attached to Braket, except for the just released Xanadu Borealis processor. The Classiq platform allows users to program their algorithms at a functional level and then have the Classiq software develop an optimized program subject to hardware and other constraints. By providing a level of abstraction for the programmer this will allow them to be more productive and more effective in creating their programs. Additional information about Classiq’s integration with the AWS Braket system is available in a press release located on the Classiq website here.

June 2, 2022