The two companies are partnering to offer a self-pace online course called Quantum Training for Enterprises that will cover quantum computing basics, challenges and potential impact in the near term. The course is configured as a modular course taught by Zapata executives, scientists and engineering experts which can be completed in about 3 weeks with a time commitment of about 2 hours each week. Altogether there are eight modules including a Getting Started and Wrap-up module. Completion certificates are provided for those who pass all the quizzes at the end of each lesson. For those who are already clients of Zapata, the course is available at no extra charge. The course is also available for those who are not Zapata clients at a price of £1,000 ($1353 USD) by registering directly on the Qureca website. A news release announcing this training course is available on the Zapata website here and a more detailed description of the course can be found on the Qureca website here.

February 7, 2022