Zapata’s 3-Part Quantum Resilience Solution. Credit: Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing is well known for their quantum computing software and has published many papers describing new algorithms they have developing for quantum applications. They have their Orquestra quantum-classical workflow manager which makes developing the applications, running the algorithms, and keeping track of the data much easier. However, they have entered a new market by offering quantum cybersecurity services for end customers who want to start their implementation of quantum resistant communications. Although the threat of Shor’s algorithm being used to eventually break the RSA encryption algorithm used for key exchange is well known, in 2018 Zapata developed a potential heuristic algorithm alternative they call Variational Quantum Factoring which might be able to factor a 2048 bit number with only 6,000 qubits in a NISQ processor. This would be a big improvement over the 20 million qubits or so that are estimated to be required for implementing Shor’s algorithm in a quantum processor with error correction. Although the Variational Quantum Factoring algorithm hasn’t been demonstrated at a larger scale yet, Zapata believes that it might accelerate the time when the RSA code can be broken to much less than the 10-15 years that most quantum researchers estimate.

To help end users, Zapata has introduced a service offering to help customers achieve quantum resilience. Their Quantum Resilience Solution consists of three parts: Assessment, Testing, and Verification which will help customers prepare and validate their quantum resistant activities. Note that Zapata won’t actually implement the code upgrades themselves, but they will partner with consultants, the end user, or other IT service providers who may be more familiar with the end users’ classical computing infrastructure. But the services provided by Zapata could be a big help to those implementers.

For additional information about this new offering, you can visit a page posted on the Zapata website here that provides additional information about these quantum cybersecurity services.

October 31, 2022