Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has announced the global availability of post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Meetings, with plans to extend this feature to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms soon. This enhancement makes Zoom the first Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider to implement post-quantum E2EE for video conferencing.

The new security measure addresses the evolving threat landscape, specifically the risk of “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, where attackers capture encrypted data with the intention of decrypting it when quantum computing becomes more advanced. Zoom’s proactive upgrade to post-quantum E2EE, using the Kyber 768 algorithm, aims to safeguard user data against future quantum decryption capabilities.

Michael Adams, Zoom’s Chief Information Security Officer, highlighted the importance of this upgrade, stating, “With the launch of post-quantum E2EE, we are doubling down on security and providing leading-edge features for users to help protect their data.”

A press release announcing they have bolstered the security of their offerings with post-quantum end-to-end encryption can be seen here and for more details on supported versions and platforms for post-quantum end-to-end encryption, please refer to the support article.

May 22, 2024