Zurich Instruments introduces the SHF+ product line, comprising the SHFSG+ Signal Generator, SHFQC+ Qubit Controller, and SHFQA+ Quantum Analyzer, designed for high-fidelity qubit control and readout. With a 10 dB increase in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), these products minimize thermal qubit excitation, enhancing algorithm fidelity and reducing phase errors. The SHF+ line offers noise-optimized signal chains and the ability to mute outputs for sensitive qubit measurements. Collaborating with leading quantum computing research groups, Zurich Instruments aims to advance qubit quality and scalability, marking a step toward longer quantum circuits and more powerful Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). A news release for these products provided by Zurich Instruments can be seen here. Also, a web page for the SHF+ product line can be accessed here.

Febrauary 29, 2024