Zyvex new product, called ZyvexLitho1TM uses scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to achieve line widths of 0.768 nanometers which is much better than the DUV or EUV systems used in the most advanced semiconductor fabs. It uses a technology called Hydrogen Depassivation Lithography which is a form of Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) that achieves atomic resolution. Uses of this machine include making extreme precise structures for quantum dot based qubits in order to achieve the highest qubit quality. The product can be used in other non-quantum related applications such as constructing nanopore membranes used in biomedical and other chemical separation technologies. The drawback of the product is that throughput is quite low. So although it might be suitable for the manufacture of low volume quantum processor chips, it would not be a good solution right now for high volume consumer electronics products. A press release from Zyvex announcing the product can be seen here and blog article that explains the physics of the device can be found on the Zyvex website here.

September 19, 2022