The Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has issued an open call for new user project proposals. These proposals should be for research of non-proprietary work that will be published in the scientific literature. Non-U.S. citizens are allowed to submit proposals and there is no cost to groups with accepted proposals. AQT users will have access to AQT’s scientists and engineers for close collaboration and guidance on how to best use the hardware and software capabilities at AQT. More information about the capabilities at AQT include a Capabilities Guide available here and a 3D/VR virtual tour of the facility that can be seen here.

The types of projects these proposals should cover include the following areas:

● Implementations of Quantum Computation Algorithms or Quantum Simulations
● Quantum Characterization, Validation, and Control Routines
● Novel Control Hardware / Firmware / Software
● Novel Superconducting Quantum Processor Architectures

Additional information about submitting a proposal to become an AQT user is available in a Open Call for New User Proposals announcement, a Prospective User guide, and a User Letter of Intent and Proposal Guide – Open Call 2021 document posted on the AQT website. To have a proposal considered, a prospective user should start by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) by November 5, 2021. Teams will then be invited to submit full proposals because upon the outcome of a review of the LOI by AQT staff.

October 9, 2021