Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, has announced a strategic partnership with Alice & Bob, a leading quantum computing company. This collaboration aims to provide Equinix customers worldwide, including in the United States, with secure access to Alice & Bob’s advanced quantum technology through Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric. Additionally, businesses can leverage Alice & Bob’s quantum strategy services to unlock potential opportunities in areas such as simulation, optimization, machine learning, and cryptography.

Alice & Bob’s quantum technology features a patented self-correcting superconducting quantum bit called the cat qubit. This innovation addresses computation errors in current quantum computers, offering a more straightforward path to fault-tolerant and universal gate-based quantum computing. The partnership combines Equinix’s secure operations with Alice & Bob’s quantum expertise, creating an environment conducive to breakthrough innovations while ensuring the confidentiality of research.

Alice & Bob, founded in 2020, has already secured 30 million euros in VC capital, hired over 80 employees, and asserts they have demonstrated experimental results exceeding those of industry giants like Google or Amazon. Specializing in Cat Qubits, their technology reduces hardware requirements significantly, showcasing its potential in quantum computing.

A press release announcing this partnership with additional information has been posted here.

November 17, 2023