Alice & Bob, a hardware developer in quantum computing, has partnered with OVHcloud to launch Felis, the first quantum emulator capable of predicting the behavior of logical qubits. Available through the OVHcloud Public Cloud universe, Felis allows users to tune error rates and abstracts error correction, simplifying quantum algorithm testing.

Felis is a significant addition to OVHcloud’s quantum emulators and a step forward for the French quantum industry. It enables algorithm developers to experiment with high-quality qubits, accelerating the path to industrially relevant applications. This is the first time an emulator is capable of anticipating the behavior of logical qubits with tunable error rates and abstracting error correction to simplify quantum algorithm test beds.

Felis focuses on two use cases: the creation of logical qubits from physical ‘cat’ qubits, and the potential applications of logical qubits. Researchers can explore quantum error correction techniques using cat qubits to improve error rates. They can also use the emulator to examine what can be done with high-quality qubits.

Théau Peronnin, CEO of Alice & Bob, stated that logical qubits are the solution to quantum computing’s struggle with errors. The partnership with OVHcloud will show a compelling path to a fault-tolerant quantum computer, benefiting researchers designing algorithms for industry problems.

November 30, 2023