Australian company Archer has announced it has signed an agreement to continue its relationship with IBM as a member of the IBM Quantum Network and the associated IBM Quantum Startup program. The participation in these programs is a little unusual because Archer is working on quantum computing hardware while most of the other companies in the startup program are software companies. (ColdQuanta and equal1 are the other exceptions.) Archer had previously joined the IBM Q Network exactly one year ago with an eye on gaining access to IBM’s quantum computing expertise and resources and to use IBM’s open source software framework, Qiskit. Archer is developing a quantum computing processing chip using a carbon based, room temperature technology they call 12CQ and IBM may be motivated to maintain a relationship with them as insurance in case this technology overtakes the superconducting quantum technology that IBM has been developing internally.

Last month, Archer announced that it is spinning off all of its mineral tenement assets (mineral exploration licenses, mining leases or other mineral claims) in order to focus the company on advanced materials for deep tech applications. Additional information about Archer’s new agreement with IBM can be found here and information about the spinoff of the mineral tenement assets is available here.

May 5, 2021