Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide funding to the Harvard Quantum Initiative for a three year program of faculty-led research into key technologies used in quantum networking including quantum memories, integrated photonics, and quantum materials. Part of the funding will also be used to upgrade the quantum fabrication capabilities of the NSF-supported Center for Nanoscale Systems at Harvard. Associated with these efforts at Harvard, AWS will also be researching quantum memory technology at the newly formed AWS Center for Quantum Networking. Quantum memories are a particularly important component for quantum repeaters which are needed to enable the long distance transmission of photonic qubits. In a separate grant, additional support from the AWS Generation Q Fund will also be provided to Harvard to help train post-baccalaureates, graduate students, postdocs with a particular focus on scientists and engineers from underrepresented backgrounds. More information about the collaboration between AWS and Harvard is available in a press release provided by AWS located here and another press release provided by Harvard which can be seen here.

September 13, 2022