An expanded collaboration between Boeing, a global aerospace company, and the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), a network of academic institutions and national labs that work on quantum information science and engineering (QISE) has been announced. The collaboration aims to support early-career scientists, seed new research projects, and develop next-generation quantum sensors and networks. The collaboration also renews Boeing’s corporate partnership with the CQE, which started in 2019.

The collaboration involves a $3.5 million investment from Boeing, which will fund technical workshops, graduate student and postdoctoral fellowships, and an award for innovative researchers in the field of QISE. The funding will also support the Boeing Quantum Creators Prize, an award that recognizes early-career researchers who explore new ideas in QISE. The prize was launched in 2022 with support from Boeing and has honored 14 researchers so far. The prize aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the field of QISE.

The Chicago region is a strong hub for quantum research and innovation, with the presence of a 124-mile quantum network testbed, four of the 10 quantum research centers funded by the National Quantum Initiative Act, and the first quantum startup accelerator in the nation. It also was designated last week as a U.S. Tech Hub for Quantum Technology along with the Colorado region.

A press release announcing this expanded collaboration and funding from Boeing has been posted on the Chicago Quantum Exchange website here.

October 31, 2023