Classiq is an Israeli based quantum software company provides software that automatically transforms high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits for a wide range of back-end systems. The goals is to allow algorithm designers to write high level functional models of their algorithm and have the software automatically compile it to an optimized gate level implementation. This approach is analogous the approach used today in designing sophisticated computer chips with billions of transistors. This will make the algorithm design more productive and allow them to more productively develop their software, particularly as the number of qubits in the hardware processors keeps increasing.

Previously, algorithms designers could only use the built-in functions in the software that were provided by Classiq, but this new release allows a designer to integrate their own new functional block with the rest of the software. This new capability allow users include their own unique intellectual property (IP) and custom functional models. As an example, the Classiq engine provides gaussian and log normal probability distributions as standard functions for use in things like Monte Carlo simulations, but if a user wanted to use a different probability distribution function, such as a Pareto distribution, they could define such a functional block in the Classiq platform.

Additional information about the software and this new capability is available in a news release that can be found here and also a webinar scheduled for November 23rd that one can register to attend on a web page here.

November 18, 2021