We had a detailed article describing ColdQuanta’s 100 qubit Hilbert cold atom based quantum computer last July and they have now announced that early beta access for it will be available through Strangework’s Backstage Pass program in Q1’2022. The Backstage Pass program provides early access to new machines to a select number of users. It will join IBM’s Eagle processor in what we are calling the “adolescent sized” quantum computers. These computers contain more qubits than could be simulated with a classical computer simulator. However, whether or not they could support real world quantum advantage applications is still not yet know because it will depend upon the quality level of the qubits and other factors. To see the announcement about the Hilbert joining the Backstage Pass program, you can read details in the press release here. You can view our write-up describing the Hilbert in our previous article here. To view our previous article about Strangework’s Backstage Pass program, you can view our article here. And to apply for the Backstage Program to access Hilbert, you can go to this page on the Strangeworks website.

December 8, 2021