As part of the U.S. Chips and Science Act signed in August 2022, $10 billion was allocated for programs that extend from Fiscal Year 2023 through Fiscal Year 2027 to create 20 geographically distributed regional technology and innovation hubs. Colorado will be announced as one of the 20 recipients for quantum technology. The twenty recipients of Tech Hub awards were selected from a total of 192 applications in 10 different categories. As an initial step, the Colorado Tech Hub will receive a planning grant of up to $500,000 and subsequently be able to apply for an implementation grant of $50 to $75 million which will be awarded in 2024. Colorado has significant quantum activity already with a major NIST facility in Boulder, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the JILA Research Institute, quantum computing companies Atom Computing, Quantinuum, and Infleqtion as well many other quantum component suppliers such as Maybell Quantum, Vescent Photonics. Companies in the region have established a consortium called Elevate Quantum with over 70 members to promote quantum technology in the region. Additional information is available in an article published by The Colorado Sun here, a Colorado quantum promotional video here, and also a letter of support for a Colorado Tech Hub award from Jared Polis, Colorado state governor which can be seen here.

October 21, 2023