Similar to efforts we have seen in many other countries, the government of Ireland has released a document titled Quantum 2030 – A National Quantum Technologies Strategy for Ireland with the tagline “Putting Ireland in a Quantum Superposition”. Their goal is to ensure that by 2030 Ireland is established as an internationally competitive hub in quantum technologies.

The strategy is based upon four pillars. The first four pillars deal building strong capabilities in research, talent, international collaborations, and innovation, entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness. And a five pillar will be to leverage those capabilities and build awareness of quantum technologies and real world benefits to a broad range of stakeholders. Ireland had previous established the Quantum Computing in Ireland (QCoIr) project in 2020 with €11 million ($12M USD) in funding with a number of university and commercial partners to research quantum computing technology which leverages the on-chip photonic qubit platform developed at the Tyndall National Institute. Ireland also already has a substantial presence of classical high-tech companies and is a member of the European Union. So they will also try to take advantage of these assets as they develop their quantum programs.

For additional details you can view a news release posted on the Government of Ireland website here and you can download the full document containing their quantum technologies strategy here.

November 24, 2023