Strangeworks is continuing to add to the syndicate of quantum providers that they are working with. The integration with IBM will add 28 quantum services, including 9 free quantum computers and 5 hosted simulators, to the Strangeworks ecosystem. Users will be able to access these systems directly and completely free via Strangeworks QC service and develop programs using Qiskit and OpenQASM. Additional details about the integration of IBM’s cloud services into the Strangeworks ecosystem can be found in the news release on the Strangeworks website here and also in a blog post on the IBM website here.

QURECA is developing several online courses accessible worldwide to educate and train students, researchers, engineers, scientists, and other interested learners and enthusiasts in quantum technologies and has integrated its platform into the Strangeworks QC™ ecosystem. QURECA customers will be able to access the many different quantum languages, frameworks, and libraries available with Strangeworks to develop their coding skills and create projects. For more on QURECA’s activities with Strangeworks, you can view a news release available on the Strangeworks website here.

Strangeworks announced their quantum ecosystem last February and for our summary of it, you can view the article we posted describing the various pieces of it earlier this year.

June 5, 2021