IBM has announced a collaboration with Keio University, The University of Tokyo, Yonsei University, Seoul National University, and The University of Chicago to support quantum education activities in Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The aim is to advance the training of up to 40,000 students over the next 10 years to prepare them for the quantum workforce and promote the growth of a global quantum ecosystem.

The initiative will include materials for educators from various disciplines of science and technology. IBM and the universities are focused on preparing a workforce capable of using the latest quantum computing technologies for scientific discovery and industry applications. They plan to develop a robust quantum curriculum to teach the next generation of computational scientists and engage in educator training, course material development, and community-driven educational events.

This trilateral collaboration is seen as a significant step forward in quantum education, contributing to economic development and technological innovation on a global scale. It also marks a meaningful starting point for high-tech cooperation between the U.S., Japan, and South Korea in the field of quantum computing.

A press release from IBM announcing this effort can be found here.

December 14, 2023